NOW IS THE TIME. Increase your average by 15+ pins with Bowling Mental Mastery. Confidence is everything. Get the confidence you need by strengthening your mental game through this 8-week mental game online course. 

8 Week Online Course: $29

BOWLING MENTAL MASTERY: The mental game course is a comprehensive "what you need to know" course that will immediately increase your bowling average by 15+ pins. 

  • 8 Weeks of Focused Mental Game Plans

    17 Video lessons and 29 Printable Worksheets by Jason Belmonte & Diandra Asbaty

  • 24 Total Lessons Spread Across 8 Weeks

    Go at Your Own Pace

  • Burnout Management, Slump Busting, Visualization Techniques

    Learn From Two Professional Bowlers That Have Been There.

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An 8 week online course of professional bowling secrets that will immediately help you bowl a better game. 

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  • Jason Belmonte
    The mental game is something that everyone feels needs work. That's why we developed this 8 week Bowling Mental Mastery Online Course. So that you can add a quick 10 pins to your average and be a more mindful bowler. -Jason Belmonte
    Jason Belmonte

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I have access to this course forever?

A: Yes! Once you log in, you can access your course at anytime. 


Q: Did Jason Belmonte really help develop this online course?

A: He sure did. Jason has had a lot of experience strengthening his mental game.

Q: I live on the other side of the world, can I still take advantage of this great online course?

A: Most definitely! The International Art of Bowling takes pride in helping bowlers all over the globe!

Q: Will this course really up my average by 15+ pins?

A: We truly believe that if you follow this very specific program, and practice what we preach, your average will go up 15+ pins. Besides, that's only 2 marks a game! 

Now Is the Time
to Give Your Mental Game
a Wake Up Call.