Every bowler has great assets and opportunities to improve.

Let Gold Level Coach Bill Spigner be your eyes on the lanes. He has helped thousands of bowlers identify those key adjustments that impact their form and entire perspective. It’s as simple as sending in a short video!

The Frame-by-Frame video analysis package includes:

  • Coach’s voiceover commentary throughout video
  • Slow motion review of head and body position at release
  • In depth look at footwork, spine tilt, arm swing and release
  • Suggested drills and adjustments

Purchase a video you can go back to as many times as you need for $100.00

– less than the cost of one coaching session!


We have a lot of faith in this product, enough to say that if you are not 100% satisfied with your video analysis, we will refund your purchase.
  • ~ Timmothy Merath of Gutter to Glory
    Thanks to the wonderful/brilliant folks at the The International Art of Bowling for the great Frame-by-Frame analysis of my bowling form! Click here to see a full review.
    ~ Timmothy Merath of Gutter to Glory
  • ~ Glenn Haser
    It’s amazing how much the video analysis helped me transform my game. Thanks to the entire IAB team and especially Ron for his in-depth comments and observations.
    ~ Glenn Haser


How Will I View my Video Analysis?
A link will be sent to your email that allows you to view the video

How Long is the Frame-by-Frame Product?
Your final analysis video will be 1/2 hour long

How Many Videos Will I Have to Send, and How Long Should They Be?
You will get more instructions once you purchase, but you only need to send
three at the most – each no more than a minute long

When Will my Analysis be Delivered?
On average, it will take 10-14 business days for your analysis to be delivered

More questions? Email info@iabowling.com