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Course Description

Are you a high school bowler or a parent of one that gets dizzy looking at ALL the collegiate bowling info out there? It's probably because it's never been in one place until now! The International Art of Bowling has done the homework for you. We want to invite you to our collegiate bowling journey where we will weave in and out the most important aspects of college bowling.

We will answer questions such as:

  • What benefits do NAIA, NCAA, NJCAA, and Club teams have?
  • How do I obtain financial aid?
  • What does it take to lock down a scholarship at a bowling college?
  • How can I write an awesome resume?
  • As a foreign bowler, how can I come to the US to bowl in school?
  • What does it mean to be a Student-Athlete?
  • Join Diandra Asbaty & Jason Belmonte while they teach you what you need to know to make an informed, and smart decision about your college bowling future. You will find very detailed checklists to help keep track of what you need to do. We also include the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA guidebooks so that you can determine which is for you.
  • Enjoy our videos outlining the most important aspects of college bowling, and many helpful tips and tricks along the way. We have interviewed some of college bowling bests who are willing to tell you their story and how you can save money for college.
  • If you are confused as to which bowling college is right for you- you should take this course. We did the homework for you. Now go out there and bowl for the school of your dreams!
Interviews from: Stefanie Nation, Missy Parkin, Jennifer Murphy, Dan Maclelland, Josh Blanchard, Marshall Kent, Bill O'Neill, Jake Peters, PJ Haggerty, Scott Norton, Coach Dale Lehman, Coach Del Warren

What are the requirements?

  • An open mind and eagerness to learn!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 39 lectures and 3 hours of content!
  • By the end of the course, you will have the skills you need to
  • Write a Rockin' Resume.
  • Obtain Financial Aid.
  • Score those Scholarship Dollars.
  • Capture the Best Recruiting Video.
  • Understand What it Means to Be a Student-Athlete.

What is the target audience?

  • High School Bowlers & Parents
  • All Averages, All Ages.


Section 1: Preparing for College Bowling
Lecture 1 Preparing for College Bowling 03:25
Lecture 2 College Checklist 2 pages
Lecture 3 Why College Bowling? 05:53
Section 2: Module 2: Researching Colleges
Lecture 4 Researching Colleges 04:08
Lecture 5 NAIA 7 pages
Lecture 6 NCAA 28 pages
Lecture 7 NJCAA 24 pages
Lecture 8 Master List of All Schools 6 pages
Lecture 9 Researching Colleges 02:22
Lecture 10 Applying 01:35
Lecture 10 Applying 01:35
Section 3: Resume Building
Lecture 11 Resume Building 03:23
Lecture 12 Resume Building 2 pages
Lecture 13 Resume Power Words 1 page
Lecture 14 Sample Resume 1 page
Section 4: Module 4: Financial Aid
Lecture 15 Financial Aid 02:00
Lecture 16 Getting Started 3 pages
Lecture 17 Financial Aid Defined 5 pages
Lecture 18 Financial Aid Terminology 3 pages
Lecture 19 Financial Aid: Don't be afraid to ask 2 pages
Lecture 20 FINANCIAL AID Options And Final Summary 2 pages
Lecture 21 Financial Aid 03:31
Section 5: Scholarships
Lecture 22 Scholarships 02:49
Lecture 23 Scholarship 1 page
Lecture 24 Del Warren... on college bowling. 03:30
Section 6: Recruiting
Lecture 25 Recuiting 04:32
Lecture 26 Recruiting 04:22
Lecture 27 Recruiting Worksheet 2 pages
Lecture 28 Coach Dale Lehman... on being recruited. 02:13
Lecture 29 Kegel Collegiate Premiere 05:15
Lecture 30 Turbo Collegiate Expo Promo 02:40
Lecture 31 USBC Collegiate Combine 02:37
Section 7: Global Representation
Lecture 32 Global Representation 04:45
Lecture 33 Global Representation 2 pages
Section 8: First Impressions
Lecture 34 First Impressions 04:21
Lecture 35 First Impressions 2 pages
Section 9: Becoming a Student-Athlete
Lecture 36 Becoming a Student-Athlete 07:01
Lecture 37 Becoming a Student Athlete 3 pages
Lecture 38 Time Management 2 pages
Lecture 39 Becoming a Student-Athlete 06:53


  • Thank you for this comprehensive course! Do you realize how many hours of research that you have saved me from? It's all right here- everything I need- in one easy to understand course. Well worth the price!!
    Denise Tenyer